Drywall Installer Tips

Easy Solutions to Common Drywall Problems

Installing drywall the DIY way can be a good project for several reasons. This is because trying to find a drywall installer is hard, as they are in great demand. And if you do get a good one to come to your home, the cost of their labor could shock you. Drywall work is a job that you can do by yourself. However, beep in mind there are a few mistakes that do-it-yourselfers frequently make.

Drywall Is Not on a Stud


All the edges of drywall must hit a solid surface like a stud. A drywall edge will be suitable for the short term, but if you are looking more long-term, you will start to see cracks and other serious issues. Sometimes, the drywall will not horizontally reach a stud.


When drywall overhangs slightly beyond the stud, it needs to be cut vertically so it hits the center point of the stud. However, if it is too short to reach a stud, a second stud needs to be sistered alongside to provide an attachment for the drywall.

Drywall Paper Is Over-Sanded


Most DIY drywallers looking for a smoother service make the mistake of vigorously sanding the dried compound and joints. However, should you sand too much, you risk the chance of sanding the paper or fiberglass tape that covers the seams, or even into the surface of the surrounding drywall, this, in turn, will compromise the integrity of your installation. Many homeowners end up having to retape the seams because they were too aggressive in their sanding.


Check your sanding by installing a light place at a low angle to the wall. This highlights any rises or bumps.

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