Unusual Methods to Perform Drywall Repair

Homemade Ways to Repair a Wall

Drywall repair using homemade materials is possible; however, only on minor holes when the damage is minimal, and the wall is made from actual drywall. The likes of plaster, stucco, and panel walls are not repaired that easily, and even less so using materials from around the house. If you have a few minor holes or dings in your drywall, there are a few ways to repair them.

Nail Dimples

A protruding nail is an easy repair if done correctly. Use a hammer to lightly tap the protruding nail back into the drywall, making sure its head is on par with the wall. As long as the surface of the nail lies flat, the nail head can have a coat of primer applied over it, and the area is ready to be repainted.

Nail Holes

Minor nail holes in drywall can sometimes be filled in with either soap or toothpaste. Yes, as bizarre as this sounds, it is possible, as the materials will dry to a finish that is very similar to joint compound. Squeeze some white toothpaste into the hole and then smooth it over using a putty knife. White soap can be used in a similar way. Just dampen the soap and rub it over the hole until it has been filled. Then use an index card to remove excess material.

Homemade Patch

If the hole is large, that means 1 inch or wider, use some printer paper in conjunction with a normal joint compound. Tape the printer paper over the hole and then apply a layer of joint compound over it, and at least 3 inches beyond the paper on all sides. Then sand the surface to make it smooth before you apply any paint.

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