What Are the Different Levels of Drywall Services?

Drywall Service Tips

Many homeowners need help understanding the different levels that a professional drywall service can offer. Below are the details!

Level 0

This does not include any taping, finishing, or accessories. This level is used in temporary construction or whenever the final decoration is yet to be determined.

Level 1

This is one coat with taping that is set in a joint compound on every joint and interior angle. Often specified in areas above ceilings, attics, and in areas where the assembly is hidden or in building service corridors.

Level 2

This uses 2 coats of joint compound over all the joints, interior angles, fastener heads, and associated accessories. For non-finished areas that are behind tile and built-ins, in the likes of garages, warehouses, or other similar areas where appearance is not a primary concern.

Level 3

This is tape embedded in the joint compound and an additional coat of joint compound used on all joints and interior angles, in addition to 2 coats of joint compound on all fastener heads and accessories. Generally done in residential homes and in appearance areas that are to receive heavy- or medium-textured finishes before final painting.

Level 4

This is tape embedded in the joint compound that has 2 separate coats of joint compound on every flat joint, in addition to a separate coat of joint compound that is applied over interior angles. Fastener heads and accessories will be covered with 3 separate coats of joint compound. This level is used when flat paint, light textures, or wall coverings will be used. In critical lighting areas, flat paint is applied over light textures and will reduce joint photographing.

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